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By W. Belfield, M. Dearden and G. L. Watt (Auth.)

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When this happens, test the remains of each for the presence of maltose by Fehling's test (p. 30). ACTIVITY OF PANCREATIN ON CARBOHYDRATES, FATS, PROTEINS Pancreatin is an extract of whole pancreas, usually of ox or sheep. It is obtained as a dried powder that keeps its enzymatic activity for a year or more, especially if it is stored in a desiccator. Prepare about 50 ml of 2% suspension of pancreatin in distilled water, and a buffer solution made up from 82 ml of 0*2 M disodium hydrogen phosphate mixed with 18 ml of 0*1 M citric acid.

Ammonia is given off which can be tested for in the usual way (p. 31, smell, wet red litmus paper and production of ammonium chloride). Mnrexide test to show the presence of uric acid in bird droppings Method. Add 2 or 3 drops of concentrated nitric acid to some bird droppings in an evaporating dish. Heat slowly in a fume cupboard until no more fumes of nitric acid are given out. There should now be a yellowish substance left in the bottom of the dish. Using a glass rod, add 1 drop of very dilute ammonia.

Repeat the procedure, but this time direct a fan or draught of air onto the thermometers. Read the temperatures again. Note. This is the principle involved in the measurement of humidity by the wet-anddry-bulb method, which can be observed either in your school physics department or by means of meteorological apparatus. Method 2. Smear some alcohol or ether onto your hand and leave in the open air. It will feel cold. Explain why. EXCRETION Test to show the presence of nitrogen in urine Method. Add some dilute sodium hydroxide to a little urine in a test-tube and warm.

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