Download e-book for iPad: 82 Desire (Skip Langdon, Book 8) by Julie Smith

By Julie Smith

ISBN-10: 0804116997

ISBN-13: 9780804116992

Councilwoman Bebe Fortier has lost her both fashionable husband. throughout city, part-time detective-poet Talba Wallis has an easy wish--to discover what Russell Fortier's disappearance has to do along with her. however the inner most investigator who employed Talba to secret agent on Fortier can't support her out. He's mendacity in his workplace with a bullet in his chest. at the start, Police Detective pass Langdon thinks it's only a small case with a few significant names--until she senses whatever large beginning to spread. anything rooted in corruption, leading to violence--and encouraged via that outdated demon . . . wish.

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A happy crew is an orderly crew. By the time she got home, she'd have enough proof to convince even the penny-pinching senior Garges on the Fleet Board. A Bakron rating knocked, entered on her signal, laid a report on her free-form desk. Seeing him, she was once again reminded of Manto Babra Larkton's magnificent job of uniform design. The crew of the Entil would have no reason to be ashamed upon return to the home planet. Thanks to Babra's imagination and talent they would be able to stand proudly beside any ship's crew, even that of one of the titanic exploration ships.

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82 Desire (Skip Langdon, Book 8) by Julie Smith

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